Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Summer 2016 Roadtrip Day 19

Las Vegas in the morning.

 Lunch before we hit the road. 

 Home in time for 4th of July fireworks. 

Summer 2016 Day 18

Provo City Centre Temple

 St George Temple
 Las Vegas, NV

Summer 2016 Roadtrip Day 17

A day in Salt Lake 

 Lunch with another missionary

 visiting with family

Summer 2016 Roadtrip Day 16

On the road again .
We made it to Salt Lake. 
We had lunch with one of out favorite missionaries and met her fiance. Then went for a swim in the hotel pool and did laundry.

2016 Summer Roadtrip Day 14

On the road again. Travel day. We hit some pretty intense rain and waited it out at A&W with rootbeer floats
 In the background you can see Dwight pumping gas with an umbrella. lol

Summer 2016 Roadtrip Day 13

Missouri's best donuts. Probably the best donuts we've ever had!!

 Liberty Jail

 The Kansas City Temple
 Grandma's house

 Corner stone of the Independence Missouri Temple

 Visitor's Center at the Independence, MO temple

 Far West