Wednesday, May 10, 2017

2016 Summer Road Trip Day 5

Breakfast before we get on the road.

Day 5 we made it to DC. 

We took a shuttle from our hotel to the metro every time we went into DC

Our stop on the metro

The kids were scared of the metro at first

First day in DC it pored rain on us!!! We hid out for a while and then bought some umbrellas and went for it.

Washington Monument

My feet were dying in my wet flip flops

Lincoln Memorial

The Lincoln Memorial is my favorite monument. It is so beautiful.

My hubby talking to the boys about history and the country that we love. 

I traded my flip flops with Bear for his tennis shoes for a while. But, his feet are bigger than mine. ;)

The Korean Memorial. My Dad served in the Korean War, so this memorial is so touching to me.